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Let's jumpstart our health and beauty tips off with one of THE most underestimated topics. Moisturizing. Ask anyone if they know the proper way to moisturize and they'll look at you crazy. "There's a correct way to moisturize?" Indeed there is. So before you throw out that EXPENSIVE moisturizer, read this quick 4 minute blog about how to get the most bang out of your products.

As simple as it seems, many people do not know that there is a proper way to apply your moisturizer. Whether it’s during your face routine or your hair, the efficacy of any health & beauty product depends primarily on the way it is being used. We spend countless dollars on luxury products, then begin to question its validity when we do not see the intended results. That’s because there is so much more to it than just rubbing it in and hoping for the best. There’s a science to it. A sweet, intimate, time crunching and time consuming science, but easy nonetheless.

Check out these tips to update your self-care routines.

  • Hydrate. No brainer right? How can your skin look and feel hydrated if your body isn’t? Cut out the excessive sodas and juices. Water will be your best friend.

  • Exfoliate. Yes. You have to exfoliate your body too. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. How often you choose to exfoliate will decide how soft and radiant your skin will be. Moderately rough sponges, scrubs, peels, and certain tools can assist you at achieving fresh looking skin. On average, you’ll want to exfoliate 2-3 times per week but it’s important to be mindful of your skin's sensitivity and skin type as this will determine how often you should exfoliate. For example: skin that produces more oils will need to be exfoliated more frequently. Try daily. You’ll need a product specifically formulated to control the production of sebum in your skin. This will also help minimize the appearance of your pores. Again, be cautious not to overdo it. Over-exfoliating can result in the removal of healthy skin cells, which can end in irritated, sore to the touch, skin.

  • Stop moisturizing dry skin. When you do this, your moisturizer just sits on top of your skin rather than absorbing. All this does is lock in dryness, forcing you to have to reapply more often then you should. This is the most common reason why many people are having trouble with severely dry skin.

  • Damp skin is best. Experts say it’s important to moisturize within 1 to 5 minutes after you’ve showered. This is where your skin is MOST receptive to moisture because of............. You guessed it. Water. Lightly pat dry with a towel and get to work!

  • Be consistent. This is a big one. You won’t get that supple, even-toned, smooth skin that you’re after moisturizing once every three days. For ALL beauty products, but holistic products ESPECIALLY, consistency is key. For all of those herbal properties to do their jobs effectively, you must do yours by keeping at it. Apply daily and at any sight of needing more.

  • Treat your skin all year-round. Do not assume that just because it’s hot and humid, your skin doesn’t need to be moisturized. If anything, heat can draw OUT moisture causing it to be overly thirsty. If moisturizing intimidates you because of the heat, try switching to something more light during those hotter months.

  • Know your skin. Take the time to figure out your skin type and always use the right products for you. If your skin naturally produces lots of oil, stay away from products with HEAVY oils in them. There are light oils that actually combat the overproduction of your natural oils, but you must familiarize yourself with them and buy accordingly. For those with dryer skin, products that deeply penetrate will be your holy grail. Trying to figure out your skin type for your face is a tad different. After a freshly washed and toned face, I waited roughly an hour before applying a moisturizer and that's how I got my results. If your skin is still dry, ashy, and tight, chances are you have dry skin. If you see lots of shine or it feels as if you've applied a HEAVY moisturizer, then your skin type is oily. If your skin feels oily in some areas and dry in others, or feels pretty normal as in lightly moisturized, you may have combination skin. Keep in mind, this depends on what you wash with as well as your toner.

Self-care will ALWAYS be the best care. To become the BEST you, take a few extra moments and utilize that time to figure out what is for you and what isn't. For more tips regarding all things health & beauty, like and follow the Honey Bear Bees FB page and subscribe to our site.

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