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Why DO We Love Mango Butter?

Mango butter is featured in our most well-loved products. There's a reason for that. Allow me the chance to explain it to you.

Pure Mango Butter. All You Need To Know.

Mangos. One of THE best fruits gifted to human-kind. Its juicy, palatable taste matches its sweet and soothing aroma. Who would've thought this succulent fruit would be so amazing for both your body and your skin? Like most butters, Mango Butter is made from the seed or "pit" of the mango fruit. With all of the different vitamins and minerals found in mangos, its no wonder why this nutrient-dense fruit packs so much punch when it comes to our body, skin and hair health. It is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, making it a SUPER-FOOD for the skin. It is also anti-inflammatory, which allows it to soothe and heal scrapes, bruises, cuts, rashes, etc, and it is non-comedogenic, which simply means that it will not clog your pores. Still need convincing?

Adding to the reasons why Mango Butter is a MUST HAVE in our arsenal of plant-based ingredients, Mango Butter never leaves an oily or greasy residue. It massages gently into the skin, leaving a beautiful skin-protecting veil whom's sole purpose is to heal. Its subtle scent provides moderate aromatherapy which helps to induce pleasant and overall, happy thoughts. If you're used to unrefined Shea or Cocoa Butter, then you know that these two butters can both be extremely greasy with overpowering aromas. This is not to negate all of the wonders that Shea or Cocoa Butter have to offer, but to simply praise what Mango Butter does.

The Story Behind It All: Organic Mango Baby Butter

So far, pure Mango Butter is infused in both our Organic Mango Baby Butter and our Flourish Napturally Hair Butter and Hot Oil Treatment. Here is the reason behind both.

As parents, we always want what's best for our babies. Mainstream beauty products love to market the "baby" label onto products as if this makes them any less toxic than their regular products. Take for instance, Johnson and Johnson. Specifically, baby powder. You've heard about the health problems, the long, drawn out lawsuits, and the deaths, so I won't bore you with the details. When I initially crafted the Organic Mango Baby Butter, my 8 month old daughter, Bahni (Baby Bee), who was 4 months old at the time, went through a horrendous heat rash. Like most rashes, it seemed to have bothered me more than her. After 2 weeks of breastmilk, oatmeal, and calendula baths (no lotion), the rash started to subside and clear up. The only downfall to this was that her skin started to dry out, creating dry skin patches that became flaky. I knew I couldn't dare buy any in-store baby products, so I decided to craft my own.

I researched different oils and butters, decided upon my formula, and got to work. Two hours of hand whipping later, the Organic Mango Baby Butter was born. I used it EXCLUSIVELY for 2 weeks. At the time, we bathed her maybe twice a week but she would still get her daily rubdown. By day 3, I was truly amazed. Baby Bee's skin began to feel soft and supple again and the dry patches were beginning to disappear. In the middle of the second week, it was as if the rash was never there. I couldn't believe it. When the rash first appeared, my husband and I took her to see her pediatrician JUST to be sure it wasn't caused by anything else. She recommended the basics; Aquaphor, Dove Baby, Eucerin, etc, but I knew the power behind plants. I knew the power behind healing the holistic way. So, I decided to go with my gut and create something phenomenal.

Four months later, this butter is all we use on Baby Bee. Every diaper change, after every bath, in her hair; the possibilities are truly endless. The anti-inflammatory, skin cell regenerating properties, as well as the sweet, soft aroma of the Organic Mango Baby Butter has been dubbed THE holy grail in our home.


The Flourish Napturally Hair Butter and Hot Oil Treatment had specific requirements to reach before it successfully graced the market. I desperately needed a moisturizer for my hair and most popular natural haircare butters just didn't do enough for my 4b/4c texture. They either left my scalp extremely dry and flaky or gave me tremendous buildup. This product gained popular vote inside of my Honey Bear Bees Exclusive Members Facebook group (shout out to Badd Bunnii), fueling my excitement to create something amazing for ALL kinky, curly hair types. I knew I wanted something that had grip with the right amount of slip, was scalp stimulating and ACTUALLY promotes healthy hair growth, deeply moisturizes without the need of excess product, and could be used by those with even looser curl patterns.

Before I began conducting research, I knew I wanted to incorporate Mango Butter into this beauty as well, and here's why. Mango Butter provides an emollience that coats every strand of hair, protecting and providing the strands penetrating moisture. It also contains stearic acid which helps to bind oil to water. Since Mango Butter is skin cell regenerating, it would help to heal any damage done to the scalp, specifically for those who suffer from eczema or dandruff. It contains oleic acid which promotes thick, strong, and healthy hair and helps to maintain the radiance and softness of your hair. Not to mention, it works AMAZING as a scalp conditioner. These are just to name a few of the reasons why using Mango Butter was a must for this product.

Once I finished crafting, I washed and dried my 7 year old, Nevaeh's hair. We used our favorite method; the loc method, and the results were. amazing. This was just after one use while only use a detangling comb, water, and the hair butter. I haven't went back to any other haircare product since!

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