Baby Bee's Essentials


"Mommy made. Mommy + Parent approved."


As most of you know, the birth of this entire brand began in 2020 when our little 2 month old baby, Bahni, experienced a rash so profound, not even her pediatrician could diagnose.


After lots of ineffective product recommendations, I set my sights on developing a mommmy-made gem that would not only target the rash and the other issues caused by it, but that also restored her skin back to its original state of softness.


A year later, we are helping families all around the world bring their littles undeniable relief with our handcrafted products. While we uphold the notion that all of our products are plant-based and non-toxic, you can shop with ease knowing that each baby item is carefully formulated to be gentle on their skin.

As parents, we want nothing more than to give our children the absolute best, and here at Honey Bear Bees, that is all we strive to be.

"All of your holy grail baby items. In one place."